How To Buy A Short Sale Property

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Short-Sale Investment Strategy
Real estate short sales are a growing, major segment of the real estate market. As we write this in 2012 real estate short sales are beginning to exceed foreclosure sales in many areas across the county. All active real estate investors need to be familiar with the process, risks and rewards associated with short sale real estate purchases.

A short sale occurs when a property is sold for less than the total balance of existing liens, loans and mortgages. The bank, lien or mortgage holder(s) must approve the sale price before a short sale can take place. Most banks, lien and/or mortgage holders will require evidence that the fair market value of the property is less than the total of all liens, mortgages and loans before they will consider or accept a short sale offer. In a short sale situation you are truly negotiating with the mortgage/lien holder rather than the property owner. The process of getting approval from the bank/mortgage holder for a short sale can be daunting and lengthy.

Short Sales can be a better deal than Pre-Foreclosures or Bank Owned Foreclosures.  You may be able to obtain a purchase price as good or better than most bank owned foreclosures.

An Attractive Alternative To Traditional Real Estate Investments

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Most investors do not realize they can earn interest of 15% or more annually with a highly secure investment opportunity. These profitable investments are available throughout the US and they are fully secured by real estate (commercial, residential, industrial). Investments can be completed online from the comfort of your home or office.

What is this little known investment opportunity?

Tax lien certificates are investments offered by local counties in many US states. When a property owner fails to pay their real estate tax on time the local county government will issue a tax lien certificate. The tax lien certificate is available to be purchased by investors when it is issued. State laws provide for a guaranteed interest rate on these delinquent property taxes which is passed through to each tax lien certificate investor. In some states the guaranteed interest rates can exceed, 15%, 18% or even 20% annually.

How To Invest In Pre-Foreclosure Real Estate

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Investing in pre-foreclosures is a sound real estate investment technique when used properly. The availability of pre-foreclosure investment opportunities changes with market conditions. They tend to be abundant when real estate values are declining. Pre-foreclosures can be ideal investments at certain points in a real estate market recovery.

Property owners with mortgages struggle in difficult financial times. The same is true when property owners experience a loss of income, illness, divorce or other major life change. The result is an opportunity for investors to purchase property using the pre-foreclosure strategy.

The objective with pre-foreclosures is to purchase the property directly from the owner in the very early stages of their mortgage delinquency. Usually it is done before the foreclosure process has been initiated but there can be exceptions.

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